50% Series Royalty Bonus!
Upload your previously exclusive audiobook series titles before June 30 to take advantage of a 50% Royalty Bonus
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Dear Authors,
If you have a series that isn't WIDE, we have an opportunity for you to earn a 50% royalty bonus! The world deserves to hear your audiobook series. For authors that are exclusive to ACX, you should know that earlier this year they announced that you can move from exclusivity to non-exclusivity after 90 days.

When you go non-exclusive from ACX and distribute your audiobook series using Findaway Voices, you can have listeners all around the world—and in libraries, too! And because we believe your series of stories need to be heard, we’re giving you a 50% royalty bonus for your entire series, on your best month of sales from July through November, when you upload before the end of National Audiobook Month on June 30th. This gives you the author time to get your series out of ACX exclusivity and to get your audiobook series uploaded to FindawayVoices.com. Start now!

Celebrate National Audiobook Month with a 50% royalty bonus on your best performing month. Your audiobook series deserves the freedom to be heard around the world! Sign-up or log in now, upload and publish your titles, and fill out this form after they're published. Then do some serious marketing because in December we’ll double your royalties for your highest earning month and send you a check for a Happy New Year!

As always, let us know if you have any questions by writing to us at support@findawayvoices.com.


The Findaway Voices Team
(The Fine Print)
Titles that meet the following terms & conditions are eligible for the 50% Series Royalty Bonus
Previously Exclusive
Offer applies to complete series titles (minimum of three (3) sequential books beginning with book 1) that are currently exclusively published via ACX and are now published wide with Findaway Voices
Before June 30
Offer applies to the aforementioned series titles that are have been published on Findaway Voices before June 30, 2021 at 11:59 ET
Apply For Your Bonus
You'll receive a 50% series royalty bonus for your series titles best performing month (July-Nov) in December when you apply by submitting this form by June 30, 2021

The 50% Series Royalty Bonus applies to only complete non-exclusive sequential series titles moved from ACX exclusivity and uploaded before June 30, 2021, and sold during the months of July through November 2021. Qualifying audiobooks series must be a minimum of three (3) sequential books beginning with book one (1). Bundles or 'box sets' are included only if individual titles are all available on the platform. Excludes royalty share productions. You must complete this form by July 1, 2021 to take advantage of the offer. A bonus payment equal to 50% of your royalties of your best performing month (July-November 2021) will be paid in December 2021. Terms and conditions may apply and are subject to change.

How it works
Bringing an audiobook title over from ACX is simple and easy!
Sign-up for Findaway Voices
Register as an author to get started
Add your series titles before June 30
Add your non-exclusive series titles by starting a new project where you'll input your metadata, set your retail and library price, upload your audio files, choose from over 40 channels to distribute your title.
NOTE: Do not remove titles from ACX, you may either leave titles on ACX or transfer them to the Findaway Voices account. Authors can email support@findawayvoices.com for instructions on doing an ACX transfer.
Publish & Marketing
Publish your title and start marketing by adding links to your website to all the new places you can buy your book, send an email newsletter, use our promotions tool for Apple and Chirp, and make social media posts to your fans
Let us know you've gone wide for a 50% series royalty bonus
Fill out this form by June 30, 2021 after you've published your title(s) wide with Findaway Voices
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Enjoy a 50% Series Royalty Bonus on sales
A bonus payment equal to 50% of your series titles royalties for the best performing month (July-Nov) will be paid before December 31, 2021 for officially submitted, qualified and validated titles.
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Go Wide Now!
Get your 50% series royalty bonus by publishing your previously exclusive ACX series titles
on Findaway Voices before June 30, 2021 at 11:59 pm ET!